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Thursday, July 23 we were at the zoo Rio Safari Elche in Spain.

We were 2 adults and 1 child of 3 years.

Rio Safari Elche is a Zoo in Costa Blanca, in the Region of Valencia, in the province of Alicante.

Getting to the Zoo in the car is very easy. The Zoo is on the road (CV523) which connects Elche to Santa Pola. To take the CV523 there are several options depending on the origin. On the site of the Zoo will find all the information (in Spanish and English) considering the season and the traffic density.

The parking, just in front of the Park, is large enough and free.

If you do not have the car, as for all the parks is not located in residential areas the arrival is not easily accessible.

Depending on where you come from you can choose different solutions.

We were coming from Alicante, so we chose the option Bus from Alicante to Santa Pola + Taxi from Santa Pola to Rio Safari Elche.

From Alicante in summer the buses leave for Santa Pola Half an hour each. Some make fewer stops and we bring a half hour more to make it more 'and they put more' than an hour. On the way we took the most 'fast to return the one with the most' stops in spending per person was 2.45 € (child free).

If you want you could also choose Bus + Bus, but between a bus and the other in Santa Pola we had to wait 40 minutes at the bus station of Santa Pola so we decided to take a taxi (cost 8 euro leg, 13.60 return).

The taxi, first leg, had no car seat for the child.

From Alicante you can also take the train to Elche and then the bus or the taxi but trains to go from Alicante to Elche there are not many, and to return if you stay until late afternoon there are not proper.

Caution !! If you take the bus from Santa Pola and Elche from the bus stop is not really close to the park but you can ask the driver to stop more 'near the park, usually (says a fleet manager) grant for the drivers required.

Arrived at the park, the ticket is quite fast.

The ticket price seems appropriate: € 24 for adults; € 15 for children 4 to 12 years; free for children 0 to 3 years. Discounts for seniors, military, families and groups.

Besides the visit to the Rio Safari, you can purchase additional services Extra including mention:

- Ride on Cammelo:

- Karting

- Swimming with Sea Lions

- Photos with pets (snakes, parrots, sea lions).

In Ticket, together with the admission ticket we were given a map on which they wrote the times that participate in shows and make the tour by train.

This has helped us a lot. We were not crazy as in many other parks to plan the day.

We saw / participated in order:

Parrots Show

Train Ride

Zoom-In Show (multispecies exhibition)

Sea Lions Show

Instructors and speakers during performances or ride on the train say everything in Spanish and English.

The train does all around the park, passing between those pieces. Many times, the convoy had to stop 'cause some animal was in the middle of the path and did not want to move. Do not miss' cause these things are getting kids crazy !!

In addition to these activities, depending on the time and mood of the animals, you can 'attend the meal of animals.

That day touched the Crocodiles. The information on the meal of Crocodiles was not in the plan and found it only in the area of the Crocodiles.

When you enter ask if there are other activities in addition to those provided so 'do not risk to miss.

There are so many animals. Almost all have very large areas and lookout points. Various species of parrots, ostriches, giraffes, White Lions, Bengal Tigers, Jaguars, Lynch, snakes, crocodiles, hippos, seals, sea lions, monkeys, Chimpanzee, Orangutan Tangu, Lemurs, Llama, Yak, Zebu, zebras, antelopes, deer, dromedaries etc .. etc ..

There 's also a petting zoo. The kids went crazy to feed the goats.

In the park they sell dried fruit and peanuts .. buy them and your children will be able to feed different species of animals.

With the entrance to the Park have also right to access to an area that includes a swimming pool for adults, a children's pool and a slide type water park. Adjacent to the pool there are bathrooms with changing rooms for free use.

The park is barrier-free for strollers, well maintained and very clean. Almost impossible to find a cigarette butt or a waste paper on the floor.

The plan, the site and the signs are good inside. It's a sin that Web Site is only in Spanish and English.

The bathrooms in the park are clean but they are all close at the entrance, if you come down to the park a distance to the bathroom more 'neighbor is too.

Only one (the one between the train's departure and crocodiles) has the changing table and the presence of it is not indicated in the map or in the park.

The signs of the park to the Baths always indicate Man, Woman and Child but services for children except for 1 changing table there are none. Nothing Mini toilets or sinks baby-height .

That day was very hot and there are fountains in the park or sprayers to cool off. You have to cool off in the bathrooms which as we said are not well distributed, we used water bottles...

The shops in the park does not sell diapers, wipes etc .. even with vending machines so remember to bring with you everything you need.

Inside the park there are several picnic areas.

Food and Drink services includes: a restaurant with Table Service or Self Service (before the entrance to the left), a Sandwich Bar (first entrance on the right - facing the pool), and three Bars (in the Park).

We ate at the Restaurant Service to the table area with air condition. The quality of food is good for adults, but does not have a children's menu (with half portions etc ..) and the number of high chairs is very low (only 3 high chairs).

Bring cash if you want to spend in the park because the credit card is not accepted in all the places (not even in the restaurant).

At the end of the day we can conclude that the zoo is nice and if you are in the area of Alicante or Elche highly recommend it.

The zoo is big. You can spend the whole day maybe taking advantage of the pool and slide.

If you do not have a car, organize your trip well by consulting timetables of trains and buses in order not to lose time in the transfer.

Entered the park, follow the recommended times in the map not to miss any show and buy peanuts to give to animals.

The restaurant is not the best .. given the different picnic areas should perhaps take the food with you from home.

If it's hot bring something to refresh and hats. The park is large and without barriers so if the children are old enough bring your stroller. Do not forget the bag with all the "family-survival kit" (diapers, wipes, toilet cover, cover changing table).


Food Service

Rating is based on the visit made the day of Thursday, July 23, 2015.

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